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Title: School Mascot 1?

Title: School Mascot

Pairing: Kyuhyun/Sungmin [Girl!]

Genre: Romance, Humor

Word Count: 2,538

Rating: PG-13

A/N: Should I write more? Sorry to the Kyumin fans. I have a school project and I hope you like and that I didn’t make a lot of mistakes. Please tell me if I did good or not.

Summary: Kyuhyun decided to become the school’s mascot. He is a big nerd. He loves Starcraft and he is a Math Olympiad. He is in love with Lee Sungmin. She is the co-captain of the cheerleading team. He doesn’t think he could get Sungmin’s attention.


“Kyuhyun, why did you want to be the school’s mascot? It’s so gross and smelly. Just ewwww.” Ryeowook asked as we walked to our next class with her boyfriend Kim Jongwoon but everyone calls him Yesung. If you want to know why go ask someone else. Fine it’s because of his artist voice. Now leave me alone and let me rant about Lee Sungmin and the reason why I become the school mascot.


Everyone asks me why I wanted to be the school mascot. Well I haven’t told anyone the reason why and I don’t plan on telling you either… Okay fine I’ll tell you. The reason why is because of Lee Sungmin. She is the co-captain of the cheerleading team. (Kim Heechul won’t let Sungmin be the captain). She is the cutest creature on this earth. Everything about her was adorable, her smile, her laugh, her pouts. No one could say no to her. Ahhh she is so cute in her cheerleading uniform. Her soft wavy black hair, that runs down her back. It doesn’t matter how she has it, either up in a ponytail or she would curl it sometimes and the waves would sway back and forth as she walked down the hallways it’s really pretty. Her beautiful brown eyes, you literally get lost in them. I’d advice you to not to stare at them for too long. I did it once… or twice… I didn’t have a good reason to tell her why I was staring. Awkward conversation? Yes it was I was beet red. She giggled at me. I will never live that one down. She may be small by she knows martial art. So don’t you dare mess with her or you are going to be on the ground begging for mercy. While everyone is laughing at you. Hahaha.


Now about me, everyone says I’m a genius, that part is somewhat true. I am a Math Olympiad. And I got a gold mental to prove it, so ha in your face. Well I am a really big nerd. I am I love playing video games; Starcraft mostly. I am in choir because everyone says I have a good voice. Ryeowook made me join. And it’s a good thing I did. Sungmin is in it too. She voice is amazing too. She is so amazing, basically about her is so amazing.


How I meet her is a pretty funny story. Well for Sungmin, not for me it was the most embarrassing. Darn umma. Our first encounter was like this.




It was the weekend so on the weekends I game. The whole day if I could, my umma doesn’t let me. So I was at home gaming on this fine day. There was a knock about my bedroom door. My umma appeared with a small figure behind her. I was annoyed at the fact that my umma knows I don’t like being disturbed when I was gaming. The reason why is because when I was in school I looked half descent. But when I was at home and gaming at the same time I looked like a train wreck. That is why I prefer not being bothered on the weekends.

“Kyunnie you have a guest.” My umma told trying to get my attention.

“What? Who is it? I am in the middle of an important game.”

“Well you would know who it is, if you paused your “important” game and turn your chair around to see who it is.” So I paused my game to and turned my attention to my umma and my guest. I got the shock of my life. I let my mouth hang open as I stared at the person next to my umma. It was Lee Sungmin; she was wearing a denim mini skirt and a white button downed shirt with a pink ribbon tied into a bow. She is like Aphrodite the goddess of love and beauty. She is absolutely beautiful.


“Hi, Kyuhyun I’m sorry for dropping by like this but I need help with tri. Ryeowook said that you were good with math and numbers. Could help me?” I stared at her lost for words. The girl of my dreams was in my bedroom asking me to help out in tri. I didn’t know what to say so my umma replied for me. Bad idea worst idea ever!


“Kyunnie would love to help you out. It’s a piece of cake for him.” she said while having a silent giggle fest and giving me a wink. 

“Why don’t you help me make some snacks while Kyunnie cleans himself up?” Sungmin smiled and nodded then followed my umma to the kitchen. Me well I was getting my face to match Sungmin’s favorite color and staring at the floor hoping open up and swallow me. It didn’t. Darn it. Curse you umma~!


I melted to the floor thinking about Sungmin. I went to the bathroom to shower, grabbing a white polo and old denim jeans with me to wear.


After I made myself presentable I went downstairs to my umma and Sungmin. They were at the table chatting about upcoming movies they wanted to see. When they noticed Sungmin giggled and my umma smiled and got up to head back upstairs to fold laundry. But of course she had something else to say.


“Kyunnie you help Minnie out okay? It shouldn’t be that hard you finished your homework right? You just have to explain it to her and give her some tips to help her remember.” I nodded.

“Minnie I hope you can understand what the math genius is talking about. Hwaiting~!” She pumped her right fist in the air. Sungmin let out a giggle.

“And don’t forget that I am folding laundry. I better hear you two studying.” She said as we blushed and went back upstairs.

Sungmin grabbed the plate of strawberries while I grabbed the drinks. We went upstairs to my room.


After an hour and a half my umma popped her head into the room and asked “Minnie” if she wanted to help with dinner. So I was left alone. I turned back to my abandoned game.


An hour later Sungmin came back in a pink apron and flour on her face and I think there was ramyun and icing in her hair. I don’t want to know what happened downstairs in the kitchen. When I went to the kitchen I found my umma with flour, icing and ramyun on her too. The kitchen it looked like a war zone. I don’t know how it happened but it was like a natural disaster happened in our kitchen. There was flour on the counters, ramyun on the cabinets, white and pink icing everywhere covering the pots and pans. Wait until appa gets home and sees this. He was on the same boat I was. What the heck happened? When my appa walked in he was greeted by two small figures covered in flour, icing and ramyun. He shook his head and he continued his usually routine. He came in and greeted my umma and gave her a quick peck on the lips and then looked at me for an explanation.

“Kyu what happened to our kitchen and your umma?” He asked he picked out some of the ramyun and out of his wife’s hair.

“I’m not sure appa. I was upstairs.”

“Dear I was making dinner there’s also dessert too. Say hello to Kyunnie’s friend.” Sungmin had walked out of the kitchen and greeted my appa. I laughed and picked out the ramyun from her hair. My umma beamed and introduced Sungmin to my appa then she dragged Sungmin back to the kitchen. My appa and I went into the living room and plopped down on the nearest sofa.

“Kyu, she is pretty.” My appa said as he gave me a smile.

“She is isn’t.” I nodded.

“But you should know I don’t have a chance with her. She is absolute the most gorgeous creature that have ever walked on this earth.” My appa chuckled.

“You’ll get her attention don’t worry about it Kyu.” He beamed and then my umma grabbed his hand and pulled him to the dining room table. While I was being pulled to the dining room table by Sungmin. I blushed as she held onto my hand. We had a “fun” filled night. My umma told embarrassing stories about me when I was little. Like how I cried when I thought the boogie man was under my bed and he was trying to get me. They told her how scared I was. Told her how I clinging onto my appa for dear life. How I also cried because I wet my bed. They just kept the stories coming. They kept on going straight onto dessert. I was bright red at the end of dinner. They are so mean sometimes.  


Finally the night had come to an end. Thank you lord, thank you so much. They agreed to take her home and yes I had to come along. During the car ride it was the same as dinner, filled with laughs. My appa stopped the car like a block away from her house for some reason my umma told me to walk “Minnie” to the door. As we got out of the car it was slightly chilly a little wind. I looked over at Sungmin she shivered.

“Are you cold?” I asked her.

“Just a little but I will be fine.” I shook my head and took off my jacket and put it around her. It wasn’t that cold I could bear. For her, anything for her. I smiled and gave her a little push as we walked to her house. We walked in silence then she tripped over a twig I managed to catch but lost balance and fell with her on top of me. Our faces were a couple of centimeters apart. We looked up at each other; we didn’t do anything we just stared. We both jumped a little when an owl hoo-ed. She got off of me and lends me a hand. After I had gotten up I noticed something. Too my surprise she kept her hand with mine and then laced them together. I looked at her and then down at our hands.

“You don’t mind do you?” she asked me. I shook my head in response.


When we reached her door we just stared at each other looking for words to say. I broke the silence.

“If you need help in tri you are more than welcome at my house. Umma took a liking to you. Well so did appa to.” I smiled at her waiting for her to say something back.

“They are very nice. You most love them even if they make fun of you. I will take you up on that offer. I really need help in tri. I had a lot of fun today.” She smiled and then looked down at our hands. I took my other hand and caressed her face with it. I looked at her and then leaned in a little and paused for a second seeing if she wanted it. She did, she pushed herself up so our lips would meet. We our lips moved slowly. It started out gentle then I nipped and sucked on her bottom lip. She opened her mouth allowing our tongues to meet. She took her hand out of mine and brought them around my neck and locked behind. She pulled closer to her as our tongues danced together. We pulled apart due to the lack of air. She smiled at me and I smiled back. I told a deep breath and leaned. I left butterfly kisses as I made my way up to her ear.

“Will you be my girlfriend?” I didn’t want her to see my face blush stared to cover my face. I held my breath waiting for my answer.


“No” she replied softly. I felt my heart break into a million pieces. She smiled and turned her face so it met mine. She looked into my eyes she pulled me down and brought her lips up to my ears. I cold feel her hold breath as she spoke.

“I want to see your face when you ask me again. Then may be I will say yes.” She pulled away from me, so she could see my face again. Sungmin gave me a tooth full smile. I smile back at her.

“Lee Sungmin, will you be my girlfriend?”

She gave me a smirk and pulled me down again. “Yes. But can you tell if I mean it or not?” I pulled away from her and pouted. She let a cute giggle.

“Yes, Cho Kyuhyun I would love to be your girlfriend.” We shared another kissed then we got blinded by a pair of headlights.

“Does Kyunnie have a girlfriend?” I heard my umma ask. We both blush and nod. She squeaks and gets out of the car and pulls Sungmin into a tight hug. My appa joins me and pats my shoulder.

“See what I tell you?” He smiles at me.

“Thanks appa.” I blush spread across my cheeks. We watch as my umma starts jumping up and down bring Sungmin with her.

“Hey Minnie do you want to know the reason why I became the school’s mascot?” I asked her. She nodded and I pulled her closer to me. I left a trail of butterfly kisses as I made my up to her ear.

“It’s because of you. So whenever you see me at practice. So please give me some attention at practice. I only did so I could see you.” I gave her a small pout. She smiled at me and laughs.

“So that’s why you wanted to be in that smelly outfit. Really? Just for me?” I nodded and then she tackles me. Making me lose my balance and we both fall to the ground with Sungmin on top of me. She gives me her adorable tooth full smile and kisses me sweet and very passionately. The kiss lasts about three minutes.

“Ahem.” We were too lost in our world that we forgot where were. We forgot my umma and appa were still on the porch. We look up at my umma and appa blushing.

“I think we should call it a night.” I nodded.

“Good night Minnie.”

“Good night Kyu.” I gave her one last kiss before she went into her house.


Okay that was just one of the many stories I have of Sungmin. I will tell you them later because here she comes. Yay~!

“Hi Kyunnie~!” Minnie beamed up at me then got on her toes to give me a quick peck on the lips. She laced our hands as we walked through the hallway.

“Hi Minnie.” I smiled at her and guided her to our group of friends.


Title: Make you mine 4?

Title: Make you mine 4?

Pairing: Hankyung/Heechul [Girl!]; Eunhyuk/Donghae [Girl!]

Genre: Romance, Angst

Word Count: 1,638

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Heechul is back from Japan. Why is she at Hankyung’s shop?

A/N: Im sorry for the wait. Still have a school project. I wanted it to check over this before posting. I hope I didnt make a lot of mistakes. I also hope you like. Thank you for reading and the comments. I like them a lot.

“Heechul why are you here?”


“Oohmygoshh that’s Kim Heechul!”

“I know. What is she doing here?” Heechul turned to voices. She gave them a sweet smile and then walked them.

“Hello ladies. I guess my disguise didn’t fool you two. I’ll give whatever you want if you leave here and not tell a soul that I am here got it.” The girls nodded and pushed the magazine they were reading for Heechul to sign. Hankyung watched as Heechul’s fans and Heechul talk about girl stuff. They got up from their seats twenty minutes later, bowed to Heechul and left. As soon as they left Heechul went to the door and locked it. She locked the door so no one else could disturbed them. Hankyung was still in shock. He didn’t know what to do or say. Donghae wondered what was doing on inside Hankyung’s head.

“Uh… Heechul, Kim Heechul it is quite a surprise to see you here. Anything can I get you?” Donghae asked at lost for words. Heechul sat at a table and smiled.

“Ask Hankyung I think he should know if he hasn’t forgotten about me.” Donghae turned to her boss. But she found him heading back to the kitchen without a word to either of them.

“Anything to drink?”



“Do you know about us?” Heechul asked Donghae as she took her water. Donghae nodded. Heechul motioned for Donghae to sit down. She looked out the window.

“Am I a horrible person?”

Heechul continued before Donghae could say anything.

“I love him. I always have and always will. Do you know that? I never wanted to leave him. I want to correct my mistakes I have made. I wanted to by his side, always.”


“We were always together. Thanks to our moms. They were best friends since high school. I was so happy whenever they got together because it meant that we got to be together too. I have to thank my mom later.“ Heechul smiled at the thought.


When I decided that I wanted to become an actress, things began to fall apart. We didn’t see each other as often because of me. We didn’t spend that much time together. I had my movies and dramas. They brought us farther apart. He never said anything Hankyung just wanted me to be happy. He would never know when I would be done or how long I would be away. I guess I brought this upon myself for being so selfish. I was so selfish well I guess I still am. All thanks to me and my stupid dream. I lost the one thing that meant the world to me.”

Heechul paused and thought about the pass. She thought about how he was the first thing she saw in the mornings. The sweet things he did for her. The long nights after her dramas, she would come home and see him there arms open wide waiting just for her and only her. She couldn’t believe he stayed with her even after numerous scandals about her and with so and so.


“If you love him then why do you do the things you do? You’re hurting him deeply. I’m sure you know that your actions affect him.”

“I do. I’ll do whatever it takes to make him happy. I didn’t marry because without a reason.

“What is your reason?”

“I wanted to make him mine, and only mine. I wanted him to look at no one else. I know I have been a bad wife. I always ask myself why he hasn’t left me yet. Whenever I think about it I want make him the happiest person in the world like he has made me. I never want to leave him or see him get marry to another girl. I couldn’t bear it. I know I don’t deserve someone like him. I want to be better for him. I’m taking a long break from my dramas and movies. I want to start a family with him. Have a little Hannie running around. I want him to happy.” Heechul looked at Donghae hoping she would believe her. Hankyung was the world to her. Heechul couldn’t hold it in anymore. She let her tears fall.

Donghae watched as tears ran down Heechul’s perfect face. They heard footsteps coming closer to the table.


Hankyung brought out a plate of Heechul’s favorite Beijing Fried Rice.

“Heechul, here you go. Any-!” Hankyung stopped when he saw tears down Heechul’s face.

“Chul what’s wrong?” Hankyung asked her as he shifted his glaze to Donghae.

“Nothing. I’m fine. Thank you Hannie.” 


The three of them sat in silence. Heechul stuffed her mouth with the rice. She stopped every now and then. When she was done she got up from the table and pulled Hankyung with her.


“Donghae could you close the shop for us?”


“Hankyung let’s go home. I have important things I want to talk to you about.”

Hankyung nodded and turned to Donghae.

“You don’t mind closing do you?” Donghae shook her head. She looked at Heechul trying to figure out what she was thinking.

Heechul pulled Hankyung to the door. Hankyung wave good bye to Donghae and left.


“Heechul what did you want to talk about?”

“Hannie do you love me?”

“Yes why?”

“Will do something for me?”

“…Sure. What?”

“Stay by my side…Please. Don’t leave me. I don’t know what I will do without you. I was so lost without you when I was in Japan.”

“What you mean Heechul? You were lost without me. Your dramas ratings went up and you got more fans then ever. You blow everyone away you’re your performances. Why do you need me anyway? “


“I had enough of this Heechul. I had enough of you not showing up to our “dates” that you planned. Making sure you would actually come for once. But somehow you never did. You either had other thing to do or should I see other guy to do!”


Do you want to know what it feels like living in this house by yourself hoping your wife will actually come home to you? We are supposedly life partners. It felt like we weren’t even married. You never celebrated our anniversaries. We never saw each other on a daily basis.“


“Let me finish Heechul.”

“Do you know who was there when I need you the most? Donghae was. Eunhyuk loves her with all his heart and he shows everyday. Where were you huh? Where was your love for me? Am wrong to be angry with you? You always did things your way and I have had enough of it. Let’s end this. Go with Siwon I don’t care anymore.” Heechul grabbed on to Hankyung’s arm.

“Hankyung… Please don’t do this.” “I’m staying at a hotel. Don’t try to contact me.” Hankyung pulled his arm away from Heechul grasp and left. Heechul curled into a ball on the floor and cried herself to sleep. She was dead inside. Totally lost and an absolute wreck.


Donghae cleaned up and closed the shop. She was worried about Heechul and Hankyung. She was hoping they would be okay but something told her that they weren’t. They both loved each other but her career got in the way of things. She decided to go to their house.


Donghae knocked on the door once before it flew open with a very distorted Heechul. Her make up was ruined due to uncontrollable tears. Her eyes were dead.


“Hee-Heechul. What happened?”

“Hankyung is done with me.” Heechul crumbled to the floor. Donghae caught the frail actress. She carried her to her bedroom and cradled her. She brushed Heechul and cooed her to sleep.

“It will be okay. Hankyung loves you.”

Heechul woke up to found herself in her bed. She got up and headed to the kitchen. There she found two figures one was Donghae. That must be Eunhyuk she thought. She smiled at the happy couple.


Donghae looked up and found Heechul with a little smile on her face. “Heechul are you alright?” she nodded and took at look at Eunhyuk before she spoke.

“Thank you Donghae. You are very lucky Eunhyuk.” Her voice was very dry and barley heard.

“Heechul, he needs time you know. You didn’t get to tell him did you?” Heechul shook her head. Then she smiled at the both of them.

“Your right he needs time. I will give as much as he needs and wants. Anything for him.“


Appa, appa lwook lwook. A cute little three year old Taemin jumped up and down to get his appa’s attention. She pointed to a familiar face on the tv.

“What is it Taemin?” Hankyung wiped his hands on his dish towel.

“Umma is with Kangin and Leeteuk.” Taemin beamed up at her appa.

He picked up his three year old and sat him on his lap to listen to the interview.


“Welcome today we have Kim Heechul with us today. Actually she one of our close friends right Kangin?”

“Yes Teukie, we have known her for many years. Everyone Kim Heechul.”

“Hello I’m Kim Heechul. Thank you Leeteuk and Kangin-ah for having me.”

“Of course we love having you, its great to see you.”

“So you are going to tell us about Hankyung and your beautiful daughter Taemin correct?”


Title: Make you mine 3?

Title: Make you mine 3?

Pairing: Hankyung/Heechul [Girl!]; Eunhyuk/Donghae [Girl!]

Genre: Romance, Angst

Word Count: 1,161

Rating: PG-13


Summary: Hankyung thought it was a good idea to split up. Heechul grants Hankyung’s wish. Hankyung tries to forget her. Heechul goes to Japan to show the world who she is and what she can do.


A/N: I’m sorry for the wait. Still have a school project. I wanted it to check over this before posting. I hope i didn't make a lot of mistakes. I hope you like. : ]


“WOWWW. She looks so gorgeous. She is stunning in that dress.”

“I know doesn’t she? She’s a real success in Japan.”

“Yeah I wish she came back more often.”

“Mhmm. Did you read her magazine article?”

“Of course I did. She is so passionate about her work. That’s why these pictures look the way they do. Awesome! ”

“I’m still wondering why she stopped all her activities a month ago. Her drama just stopped and her movie that came out that week. She didn’t even attend. She didn’t show her face in public for week. Then she’s off to Japan.”

“I heard she is thinking about staying in Japan.”

“Me too. Did you see Siwon visiting her at work? They look so cute together. He is always worried about her even after they broke up. I think that is so cutee.”

“Yeah I know. I wonder why they haven’t gone back out again.”

“Hankyung, are you sure you are okay?” Donghae asked her boss.

“Yes Donghae. I’m fine.” Hankyung answered in small voice. You say you’re okay and that you’re over her but your face tells a different story. You have been a mess ever since she left. I know you’re not okay. You look the same when we found you. Dead. Heart broken. Lost. 



“Hyukkie I need to ask Hankyung for the keys to the shop. I forgot my purse and keys there. Let’s go to his house. Please Hyukkie~!” Donghae pouted cutely at her know he couldn’t resist her.


Donghae played with the annoying doorbell. Eunhyuk got annoyed with his girlfriend playing with the annoying doorbell so he grabbed her hand and dragged her to the back of the house. They found the back door was unlocked. They went in and called for Hankyung. They heard soft sobs through out the house and followed them to the master bedroom. They found Hankyung sitting on the bed surrounded by old pictures. Hankyung had a picture in his hand. He was staring at picture tears running down his face. Donghae wanted to comfort him. She pulled Hankyung into a tight hug. She looked at some of the pictures. There was one with a boy and a girl under an umbrella. The girl was on toes to kiss the boy on the cheek. Then another one where the boy and girl were holding hands and they were both smiling. Donghae tighten her grip on Hankyung. Eunhyuk went to get Hankyung a box of tissues. He picked up the picture Hankyung had in his hand and looked at it. He saw who were in the picture. It was of Hankyung and Kim Heechul. Hankyung was in a white tux and Heechul was in a white wedding gown. Eunhyuk picked up all the pictures on the bed so Donghae and Hankyung had somewhere to sit. Then he started to clean up the bedroom. After an hour and a half Hankyung cried himself to sleep. Donghae got up from the bed slowly not wanting to wake her boss. She went into the kitchen she found Eunhyuk at the kitchen table looking at the pictures that were on Hankyung bed.  They looked through the pictures in silent. Donghae broke the silent. “They look very happy together. I’ve never seen Hankyung this happy, like he does in this picture.” Donghae held up the picture from Hankyung and Heechul’s wedding. Eunhyuk nodded and pulled her closer to him. He pressed their lips together, a short but sweet kiss. They smiled at each other.


Hankyung walked into the kitchen rubbing his eyes. “Are you two hungry? I’ll make us something to eat. Why don’t you go, sit and watch TV” He told the two as he went over to the fridge. 

“Han-” Donghae started, but was interrupted by Hankyung.

“I’m fine Hae thank you for staying. Now follow your boyfriend.” Eunhyuk tugged her into the living room while they waited for dinner.


Dinner wasn’t quiet as expected. Donghae was trying to feed Eunhyuk, but he wouldn’t let her. So there was food here and there. Hankyung laughed at two. Watching them be the monkey and fish that they were. Fighting every now and then about small things.


Hankyung gathered the plates and started to wash them. Donghae went to the sink to help dry and put them away. She wanted talk to him too.

“Hae what do want to say? I know you want to say something go ahead and say it. Its okay really.” Hankyung told Donghae.

Donghae chewed her bottom lip nervously. “Uh…How long have you known her.”

“Since we were both in diapers, I was her best friend. We grew up together, learned everything about each other. I loved everything about her even if she yells at me or order me around. I was the person she would turn to for advice. I couldn’t believe she came to the shop and asked me out. I thought it would only be one date and that would be it. I still can’t believe I am married to her. I guess I knew deep down she would go back to Siwon one day.” Donghae stayed quiet and listened to his words. “I treasured the memories we made together. The good, the bad, happy, sad. I love her so much. I want her to be happy so finally I let her go.” Hankyung said as he finished the last plate and handed it to Donghae.

“Are you happy though?” Donghae said as she dried the last plate.

It is natural to feel this way right. We were husband and wife. I have always, been in love with her.  I thought she would have stayed with me.


Now thinking about it she has always been sweet. She always made some time for me even after her dramas. She helped me with the shop and refused to go to Japan because she wanted to be with me. Still it’s to late now.


“Yes as long as she is happy.” Hankyung replied as a tear ran down his cheek.



“Hankyung” As Donghae shook Hankyung gently, trying to get him out of his trance. Hankyung look at Donghae. The soft bells rang through the shop, as a customer entered Hankyung’s shop. Donghae gasped and turned to the once charming owner.

She looked at Hankyung then at the door. Her face was filled with a worried look. She was worried, very worried. Hankyung turned to greet the customer. “Wel-” Hankyung stopped and stared at newcomer.

“Hankyung I’m back.”

“Hee-Heechul w-what are you doing here?”


Title: Make you mine 2?

Title: Make you mine 2?

Pairing: Hankyung/Heechul [Girl!] mention of others

Genre: Romance

Word Count: 3,199

Rating: PG-13/R

Summary: Kim Heechul is a famous actress/model. She has stared in many dramas and films, blown many away with her photos. She is very well known. But no one knows about Hankyung. that is their little secret. What will they do if someone finds out? 

The car ride home was quiet. They entered their house. Hankyung went into the kitchen and Heechul went to the bathroom. She showered while he made her favorite Beijing Fried Rice. She came out to the shower and followed the smell into the kitchen where she found Hankyung at the kitchen table. The table was all set, waiting for Heechul. He got up and pulled out the chair for her. “Awww. Your soo sweet, you even made my favorite dish.” She gave him a lightly peck on the cheek.


They ate in silence. Heechul looked up at Hankyung nervously. She was about to say something when her cell phone interrupted her. “Yes? What? I thought you said I could go home for a few days? Aish fine I’m coming. Yeah. Bye.” Heechul looked back at Hankyung to find his seat was empty. Hankyung was over by the sink and started cleaning up. “Hannie I have to go back to work, but I’ll back later on like 9 most likely. Alright.” Heechul grabbed her purse, and headed for the door. She stopped and took a glance back a Hankyung. He was still doing the dishes.


“Work. Work. She always has time for her work but never me. Why not me? Me! I’m her husband. Her life partner. I’ve been with her basically her entire life. Her job is more important then me. I still can’t believe that she is my wife. I can’t believe we did what we did in the coffee shop. I’ll apologize to Donghae tomorrow. Damn it I can’t see.” His vision became blurry. He was trying his hardest to see through his tears.  Hankyung got done the dishes and decided to wait for Heechul. “She said she would be home around 9. That was like 3 hours away.” : (


10:30 p.m.


“Maybe I could give her manger a call.” Hankyung looked through phone dictionary until he found what he was looking for. He dialed the number. It rung two times before someone answered.






“Ah Hankyung, hello what can I do for you?”


“Kibum I was wondering when Heechul was going to be done.”


“Heechul? Oh she was done at 9 she isn’t home yet? Hmmm. I wonder where she is. Oh I remember seeing her with Siwon. You know Choi Siwon right? Maybe they went out for a drink. She should be home soon. She has a full schedule tomorrow. Make she gets her beauty sleep.”


“Oh. Thank you, Kibum. Alright. Good night.”


11:30 p.m.

Ringgggg! Ringgggg! What the-?






“Oh. I would but I can’t. I have to open the shop tomorrow. You better not come in late!”


“FINEEEEEE~! YOU’RE NO FUNNN~!” Donghae pouted.


1:30 a.m.


Heechul quietly tipped toed into the house hoping to not wake her sleeping husband. But that’s what she hoped and thought. Little did she know her husband stayed up until she finally came home.


The light came on and Heechul saw a dark figure coming closer to her.


“Oh Hankyung did I wake you up? What are you doing were you sleeping on the recliner?”




“Hmm I’m sorry I should have called. I lost track of time and-”


Hankyung cut her off. “Were you with your ex-boyfriend?”






“Why? You told me that you two broke up?”


“We did. He wanted to talk about my new movie and the dramas that I have been work on. Tha-”


“You’re lying.”


“I’m tired of this. Every guy you have met are handsomer than me, more muscular, multitalented, have more money than I do. How do you expect me to forget them? If you still want to with Siwon or someone else you could’ve meet in Japan? I never get to see you anymore, and we have spent some quality time together since our honeymoon. That was 5 years ago. I’m tired of feeling this way.”




“Why did you even bother marring me Heechul?”




“Let’s… split up.”


“I…Understand…If that is what you want, then…”

A/N: Don't know when i will be able to post the third chapter. this weekend hopefully. Stupid school project. : [ hope you liked it. thank you for reading.


Make you mine 1?

Title: Make you mine 1?

Pairing: Hankyung/Heechul [Girl!] mention of others

Genre: Romance, Humor?

Word Count: 1,300

Rating: PG-13/R


Summary: Kim Heechul is a famous actress/model. She has stared in many dramas and films, blown many away with her photos. She is very well known. But no one knows about Hankyung. that is their little secret. What will they do if someone finds out? 

Title: Make you mine

Pairing: Hankyung/Heechul [Girl!] mention of others

Genre: Romance, Humor?

Word Count:

Rating: PG-13/R


Summary: Kim Heechul is a famous actress/model. She has stared in many dramas and films, blown many away with her photos. She is very well known. But no one knows about Hankyung. that is their little secret. What will they do if someone finds out? 


“Ooo did you see Kim Heechul’s latest film?”


“I heard it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G~! She looked really pretty in the previews. Lets go see it this weekend okay?”


“Okayye. I heard that she was even married. No knows who she is married to though, so they think it is a false rumor.”


“Oh yeah I heard that one too. Didn’t Jaejoong have a photo with Heechul in a wedding dress next to this guy?”


“Yeah but Jaejoong said it was just Heechul’s grandparents or something.”


“Oh yeah. Are you done your tea yet?”


“Yes hold on a sec. I’m done. Thank you Hankyung.”


“Your welcome girls come back soon.” Hankyung said in strain voice.


“We will! He is so hot~!”


“I know. I wonder why no one has gone after him.”


“Yeah I know he is really hot~!”


“Kim Heechul blah blah. All I hear Kim Heechul. I mean is she even that great? Well…Yeah she is. She is the most amazing woman I have every met. Her figure, her style, everything about her is AGHHH!”


“Hey Hankyung you okay?”


“What? Oh yeah I’m fine, Donghae.”


“Okay. Oh hey did you hear about Kim Heechul’s new movie? OOO I heard it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G~! I’m seeing it this weekend with Eunhyuk. Y-A-Y~!” Donghae said up a couple of octaves.


“Donghae lower your voice, your in a coffee shop. And she wasn’t that great.” Hankyung rubbed his right temple.


“Why do you always say that every time we bring her up?” Donghae pouted cutely. 


“Well I’m saying she is that great. You guys make a big deal about her.”

“She is drop dead gorgeous. She is soo pretty. Every girl wants to be her ohh just like me. She is soo pretty. And every guy want to be with her. Especially Choi Siwon I believe. Ah he is really handsome too! Those two look so cute together. Ahh”


Hankyung gripped the end of the counter until his knuckles turned white. He hit the counter and made his way to the kitchen.


“Hey Hankyung where are you going? Come back? We have work to do.” Just then a man walked in to the shop. Greeted Donghae with a kiss and sat on a stool by the counter.


“Hi Hae. How are you darling?”


“I’m good Hyuk. But I think I made Hankyung upset again.” Donghae pouted to her boyfriend. Eunhyuk let out a sigh.


“Did you mention Heechul again?” Eunhyuk asked his childish girlfriend.


“How did you know, Hyuk?”


“I think Hankyung knows the real Kim Heechul. I’m pretty sure he knows her like no else does.”


Hankyung took out a small wallet size photo. He stared at the happy couple in the photo. The girl had a long white dress on, pearls around her neck. Her make up was perfect. She had let her long red hair down with the veil lying on top. She had one hand around the taller male’s hand and the other hand around a bouquet of pink roses. He was wearing a white tux; he had a pink rose clicked on to his jacket to match the bride’s bouquet. From the photo it look like nothing could separate the two apart.


“Hannie you better find my necklace or I will be very mad at you it you don’t. I will never forgive you. I hope you know that.” An 12 year old girl pouted.


“Yah it’s not my fault that you dropped it. You should be helping me unsteady of yelling at me.” The boy shot back.


“But my dress will get dirty. See look at my shoes are already have mud all over them. Please Hannie for me.” The girl begged.


“Aish. Alright, I almost got any way. Ah here you go princess. See its not even dirt. Turn around Rella.” The young girl obeyed and let the boy put the necklace back around her neck.


“Thank you Hannie. I love you! Can you make me Beijing Fried Rice when we get home?” The young girl got up on her tip toes and gave a peck on his check. He smiled and took the little girl’s hand and laced them together with his and began to walk back to her house to make her some fried rice.


Hankyung never thought he would have married his childhood friend. At first it was unrequited love, it was for quite sometime. She would call him names and make fun of him. He never thought she would say yes to him when he asked her out.


“Hannie there you are. What are you doing?” Small skinny arms wrapped itself around Hankyung. Hankyung turned around and saw a beautiful young lady in front of him. She was wearing a white flowy skirt and a pink dress shirt. She smirked up at him and started to walk back into to his embrace. He let her walk into his arms.


“I missed you Hannie.”


“I missed you too Rella.”


“I’m sorry about my dramas and my upcoming movie. I don’t get to see you anymore. Kibum keeps me busy. This will probably be the only time that I get to see. Until my drama slows down and my movie is coming out this weekend.” Heechul looked up at her him. Hankyung leaned in and pressed their lips together. They kissed hungrily, longing for each other. Hankyung nibbled on her lips asking permission. Heechul granted and like Hankyung roamed her mouth. The tongues battled for domination. Heechul pulled away from lack of air. She pushed back onto a chair in the kitchen. She straddled over Hankyung and began to strip him of his clothes. Hankyung’s hand were toughing all of Heechul’s body. He moved his hand down to her thighs, rubbing them softly. Heechul let out a soft moan.


“Hankyung I need you.” He placed on the kitchen counter and pulled her thong down to her ankle.


Hankyung slipped on a condom and position himself in front of her. “Heechul, are you ready?” Heechul nodded. Hankyung then pushed himself inside of Heechul. Once he was fully inside he stay still, waiting for her to adjust to his size.


“Hankyung you can move now.” Heechul said after a few moments. Hankyung almost pulled all the way out and pushed back in at a slow pace. “Ah Hannie you feel so good. More. I need more. I want to feel you.” Hankyung pulled out and then thrusted back into Heechul with a little harder. “Yes Hannie. Harder. Faster.” Heechul let out a really loud moan telling Hankyung that he had found her spot. They rocked back and forth as one. Heechul yelled Hankyung’s name as she came. Hankyung grunted and came into the condom.  Heechul fell into Hankyung’s welcomed arm. Hankyung rested his head on Heechul’s shoulder. Heechul yawned tiredly. Hankyung lifted his head off of her shoulder to lightly kiss her plump lips.


 They got up to get dress. Hankyung started to clean up while Heechul was still getting dressed. Heechul picked up their wedding photo off of the ground and marveled at it. Hankyung came over and took it out of Heechul’s hand. He guided her to the door where her driver was waiting for her. She waited at the car for a minute and then she took Hankyung’s hand and lead him to the car.

“Lets go home for a bit. I think Donghae can take over while you gone kay?”


A/N: First Fic. Please be nice. I'm pretty there are a lot of mistakes. Please tell me if I'm any good. I tired. Thanks.

Title: Sweet


Kyuhyun glanced out the window. He has watched them for the past week after his break up with Zhou mi. He watched the scene in front of him. He saw Henry playing his violin for his ex-boyfriend Zhou mi in the courtyard. They were happy; they didn’t have a care in the world. Kyuhyun replayed a bitter scene in his head.


“Kui Xian, I think we should broke up”

“It’s not you. It’s me. I’m sorry. I think its better this way, for the both of us.” Zhou mi walked away from Kyuhyun who watched helplessly as his ex-boyfriend walks farther and farther away from him.


Kyuhyun could see a smaller figure waiting for Zhou mi. He knew who it was. It was Henry, a very talented violinist. Henry was very good at singing and dancing. They were in choir together. He saw them have many conversations together. Even when Kyuhyun was there, Zhou mi ignored him from time to time. Kyuhyun usually talked to Sungmin while the other two chatting away. Kyuhyun like Sungmin, he was so nice and sweet. Always gave Kyuhyun candy and someone to talk to when Zhou mi was talking to Henry. They had all the same classes. Kyuhyun could see why Zhou mi broke up with him. He was only good at singing and math. Starcraft to if that counts. But it doesn’t. Kyuhyun knew this was going to happen. He started to realize Zhou mi was losing interest in him. They hardly went out. Just stayed at each other’s houses and watched movies together and play Starcraft.


Kyuhyun knew he couldn’t do anything about it. He couldn’t change Zhou mi’s mind. So he just waited for it to happen. It hit Kyuhyun really hard. His legs gave out as Zhou mi went to into Henry’s arms, leaving Kyuhyun. Kyuhyun fell back on to the piano bench. He turned away from the scene in front of him. Zhou mi was watching Henry playing his violin, laughing from time to time.


Kyuhyun sat on the piano bench with his back facing the door. He watches his tears hit the floor. Kyuhyun didn’t know what to do. He knew his tears wouldn’t bring back him back so what was the use.  He was too lost in his own thoughts. Kyuhyun kept on thinking of Zhou mi. He was gone; Kyuhyun didn’t know what he was going to do. Kyuhyun got tired of crying and decided to take a nap on the piano. Kyuhyun heard soft humming and a sweet scent in the air. “What’s that wonderful smell? Smells like strawberries and chocolate. It smells tasty and very sweet.” Kyuhyun opens his eyes to see a familiar face a few centimeters away from his face. Kyuhyun quickly jumped off the piano. Brushing away a tear or two that was still running down his face. Then he glanced over at his class mate. “It’s Lee Sungmin. What’s he doing here?

“Kyuhyun what are you doing here? Choir was over an hour ago.”

Kyuhyun pushed himself away from the piano and walked to the window. He glanced out the window again. Looking at the Zhou mi and Henry outside, Henry was on Zhou mi’s lap. They gave each other butterfly kisses. Sungmin walked to where Kyuhyun was. He saw what Kyuhyun was looking at. He saw the two outside, Zhou mi and Henry. He smiled at the site, then frowned a little bit and looked up at Kyuhyun who about let tears fall from his eyes. Sungmin stared at Kyuhyun for a couple of minutes before he broke the silence.

“Kyuhyun.” There was another silence. “Kyuhyun, why are you watching Zhou mi with Henry? When you know it will bring you to tears?”

Kyuhyun didn’t reply. He just watched the two of them. He didn’t know why he was watching them. Sungmin couldn’t bare it anymore. He grabbed Kyuhyun’s hand and pulled him away from the window and sat him back on the piano bench. Sungmin stared into Kyuhyun’s dark orbs for a moment before he leaned in and pressed his lips onto Kyuhyun’s. Kyuhyun looked at Sungmin with wide eyes. “W-what?” “It’s so sweet!” After a few seconds Kyuhyun finally relaxed and kissed Sungmin back. Sungmin pulled away and pushed the piece of chocolate with his tongue and pushed it into Kyuhyun’s mouth. “It’s chocolate?!” Kyuhyun thought and then he blushed and looked down at Sungmin and then looked away.

“Hope you like sweets. They always cheer me up.” Sungmin beamed at Kyuhyun. A few moments passed and then Sungmin spoke again.

“Kyuhyun lets go home. Okay?”

Kyuhyun nodded. Sungmin held out a hand for him. Kyuhyun looked at Sungmin and then took his hand.

They walked side by side holding hands as they walked to Kyuhyun’s house. Kyuhyun stopped at his gate and looked at Sungmin. Kyuhyun blushed and turned his face thinking about the kiss. Sungmin broke the silence again.

“K-Kyuhyun.” Pause “W-will you be my boyfriend?”

Sungmin asked in his cute tiny voice. Kyuhyun looked at Sungmin and repeated what Sungmin just said over and over in his head. “W-will you be my boyfriend” After a few minutes Sungmin looked up at Kyuhyun before he spoke again.

“I’ve been interested in you for a while. Haha~ I was been thinking about stealing you away from him. You are too cuteeeee~! You know that.”

Sungmin got up on his tip toes and pinched Kyuhyun’s right cheek. Then whisper into Kyuhyun’s ear.

“I’ll wait for your reply tomorrow.”

Then he kissed his cheek the right one he pinched. Sungmin looked up at Kyuhyun and beamed at him. “Byeeeeee~!”

Kyuhyun’s face got bright red. Kyuhyun was a genius but he didn’t know what to do now. He just tried to hide his face. He watched until Sungmin disappeared around the corner.


The rest of that night Kyuhyun stop thinking about Sungmin and the kiss. How soft and sweet his lips were, how sweet the chocolate was, how amazingly sweet Sungmin smelled. He smelled like strawberries. Everything about Sungmin was sweet. Well also cute too! Sungmin was known for being the Pink Prince. He may be small, but Sungmin knew material arts and he had a black belt in Taekwondo he could take Zhou mi if he wanted to. But then again Zhou mi was a stick. Still you should never underestimate him. Sungmin’s cute tiny voice when he asked him to be his boyfriend. There was also Sungmin’s cute good bye to him. Sungmin was well known for his love for pink and his bunnies too. Sungmin’s pink hello kitty cell phone, pink hello kitty pens, pencils, his notebooks, folders, and his lunch bag too. Kyuhyun went back to Sungmin’s question and comments too.

“Kyuhyun, why are you watching Zhou mi with Henry? When you know it will bring you to tears?”


“Hope you like sweets. They always cheer me up.”


“W-will you be my boyfriend?”


“I’ve been interested in you for a while. Ha I was been thinking about stealing you away from him. You are too cuteeeee~!”




 Kyuhyun couldn’t stop thinking about Sungmin. Even if he wanted to, He didn’t want to stop thinking about him at all. The rest of the night his head was filled with Sungmin. Kyuhyun knew what his reply would be. He wanted to tell Sungmin now, but the problem was he had to wait for school tomorrow. Sungmin helped Kyuhyun forget all about Zhou mi. Forgot who he was and what he did to him, because that was all forgotten. Sungmin also helped Kyuhyun realize his feelings for his. He had deep feelings for Sungmin but they never got to surface. Until now that is. All thanks to Sungmin.


Later Kyuhyun went to bed and waited for a sweet dream of him and Sungmin.


Next Morning


Kyuhyun woke up bright and early. He took a shower and went downstairs to greet his parents.

“Umma~! Appa~!”

“Well someone is sure in a good mood.”

“Yes I am umma.” Kyuhyun finished his breakfast. “I’m heading off to school now. Byeeeeee~! Umma~! Byeeeeee! Appa~!”


Kyuhyun passed by the flower shop on his way to school and picked out a pink rose for Sungmin. He also stopped by the store and got a box of chocolate for them to share.


Kyuhyun walked into the class room and saw Sungmin who was bouncing up and down at his desk seat with a lollipop in his mouth. Eunhyuk and Donghae were trying to figure out why Sungmin was so happy. More then his normal state, he was a cheerfully person. Sungmin was always and could make everyone happy. Well Eunhyuk was slightly annoyed that now there were two people bouncing up and down. Donghae was bouncing up and down with Sungmin. Eunhyuk was thinking why he was friends with either of them. 

“Ahh Who knows. I love them too much that is why I hang around them with them right? Right? Well especially this one.” Donghae who now was making fish faces at him and Sungmin.

“Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Donghae, good morning.”

“Yessssssss~! Kyuhyun-ahhhh~!” Sungmin kept on bouncing up and down but now in Kyuhyun’s direction.

“Good morning Kyuhyunnnie~!” Sungmin beamed at Kyuhyun. Kyuhyun swore he would have fallen over by Sungmin’s cuteness.

Eunhyuk greeted Kyuhyun still a little annoyed with Sungmin and his boyfriend. “It’s too early for them to bouncing up and down everywhere” “Morning Kyuhyun.”

“Good morning Donghae.”

MORNINGGGG KYU~! “Hae be a little quieter.”

KAY HYUK~! Eunhyuk dragged Donghae back to their seats

“I have my answer for you.” Sungmin looked at Kyuhyun and smiled. He then looked at the clock. And frowned, they didn’t have a lot a time to talk about talk about yesterday.

“Why don’t we go to the roof after school?” Sungmin asked.

“Sure thing whatever you want.” Kyuhyun replied and smiled at Sungmin. Sungmin beamed and then settled down. Then the teacher came in and took role call. Kyuhyun sat next to Sungmin knowing the teacher wouldn’t mind. They were his top pupils. They would behave themselves, or at least tried. 

During class Sungmin and Kyuhyun held hands under the desks a couple of times. Kyuhyun took out the box of chocolate and handed Sungmin one.


Finally the school day ended and Kyuhyun and Sungmin made their way to the roof.

“Ahhh It’s so nice out here. I loveeeeee it~!” Sungmin smiled and turned around to see Kyuhyun.

“Sungmin, do you still want me as your boyfriend?” Kyuhyun slightly blushing.

“Awwwww Kyu! Of course I do. Your sooo cuteeeee~!”

Kyuhyun handed Sungmin the pink rose and beamed down on Sungmin. He leaned in and pressed his lips onto Sungmin’s. First it was gentle and slow. Then it became very passionate. Kyuhyun nipped on Sungmin’s bottom lip asking for an entrance. It was granted and Kyuhyun’s tongue explored Sungmin’s warm cavern. Their tongue battle for domination before Kyuhyun won. They pulled apart from each other breathless. Sungmin panted.

“No Minnie you’re the absolute cutest human in this entire world. Nothing in this world can be compared to you.” Kyuhyun said in his rich deep voice and gave Sungmin another peck on the lips.

 “Do you want to come over and hang out?” Sungmin asked.

“Yes I would love to.” Kyuhyun answered before diving back in. this time with the last piece of chocolate in his mouth. He kissed Sungmin and then pulled away and pushed the chocolate into Sungmin’s mouth.

“Mmmmm tasty~! Thank you Kyu.” Sungmin beamed and entwined their hand together with the rose in the middle of their hands.

“We better head back before they start making weird assumptions.” Kyuhyun said leading Sungmin back to their class room to grab their bags. When they walked in a very hyper Donghae jumped on Sungmin. Ryeowook laughed and help Leeteuk get Donghae off of Sungmin.

“OMGEE~! Minnieeee~! Youuu finally got himmmm~! CONGRATULATIONS~!”

“Whyy isn’t anyone else happy for Minnie?” Donghae looked around a little depressed.

“Hyukjae, your happy for Minnie right?” Donghae turned to Eunhyuk.

“Of course I am. We don’t’ throw ourselves onto Sungmin to express how happy we are.” Everyone laughed at Donghae, and then took turns hugging Kyuhyun and Sungmin and told them how cute looked together. Kyuhyun enjoyed his friend’s comments and stared at Sungmin lovingly. Donghae looked how sweet Kyuhyun was looking at Sungmin and felt left out.

Donghae pouted. “Hyukjae love me, love me!” Eunhyuk embraced Donghae with kiss. “Yayyy~! Hyukjae loves me!” “Of course I do Hae!”


“Kui Xian, Can I talk with you for a minute? Alone?” Sungmin looked at Kyuhyun and Zhou mi, beamed up at the both of them and nodded. They went to a corner of the class and talked.


“You look quite happy with Sungmin. I’m really glad you finally noticed Sungmin’s love for you. I know he will make you very happy. He has been waiting for you for a long time now. Ha you may be a genius, but you are clueless to the world around you. I hope you know that. You made him wait, bad Kui Xian” Kyuhyun promise me you will be happy and make him as happy as he is right now. If you don’t I’m pretty sure that Leeteuk umma will come after you, followed by a long line of people. I will be in that line too just so you know. Hahaha~! Better take good care of him and his heart. Kyuhyun just nodded. “You know that I never meant to hurt you like I did right? It was all part of the plan. You never noticed the way Sungmin treated you. It was different from how he treated everyone else. With you it was with a little more love.”

“Wait us dating was part of a plan?” Kyuhyun asked.

“Yes Kyuhyun, after a week or so I suppose to break up with, that I did. Then you got depressed and everyone told Sungmin to go help or heal your broken heart, which he did. But Sungmin didn’t know about this either so don’t yell at the poor bunny okay.” It was Heechul’s plan. You know how Kim Heechul is like. Kyuhyun still very confused.


“Kui Xian, I’m sorry but I just like you a friend okay I didn’t like you the way Sungmin likes you. You understand.” Zhou mi said before Kyuhyun could say anything else.

“Yeah, I guess I was being too overdramatic about this. I always did care for Sungmin. I do love everything about him. His love for pink, his bunnies, his cuteness, they never fail to make me smile.” Kyuhyun beamed thinking about all the things he loves about Sungmin. Everything he was feeling now was all hidden, it just had to surface he thought. His thoughts were interrupted by the cutest bunny in the world.

“Kyu, you ready?” Sungmin went over to Kyuhyun. Kyuhyun looked down and beam at Sungmin. He took Sungmin’s hand and laced them together and gave Sungmin a long and sweet passionate kiss.

“Yes I am, Minnie. Let’s go.”


“Hmmm? Yes Minnie?”

“Ummm.” Sungmin let go of Kyuhyun’s hand and stood in front of him. He put his hands together and formed a heart with them.

“I love you Kyuhyunnie~!”

“Awwww. Minnie.” Kyuhyun walked over to and embraced him, and whispered in his ear.

“I love you Sungminnie~!”

“Forever & Always!”

They shared a sweet and warm kiss, as they watched the sun set.



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